The life I have always dreamt of

I’d always dreamt of being a teacher. For over 20 years, I had a drive to pursue my dream. So many obstacles stood in my way to hinder me from achieving it and I felt compelled to give up on many occasions.

When I started attending the UCKG HelpCentre, the atmosphere was incredible. I was taught that giving up is never an option. That belief had to be proven when I took part in one of the greatest challenges of my life. I listened intently on how to get the most out of this challenge and immediately applied it. I had nothing to lose, but it was worth it!

Today, despite it being a demanding job, I teach with love because I knew what it took for me to get here. Things couldn’t be better. I am married to a lawyer, and he also has an extremely busy life, but we always have time to spend with our beautiful family. We aim to invest and grow our family’s patrimony. Our newest goal is to expand our family’s business to the commercial field.

I have everything I want and I don’t lack a thing. All those years of pursuing my dream have finally paid off. If there’s an aspiration you’ve always hoped to achieve, it is possible. Give the Israel Challenge a try.


Silvana Medeiros


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