The Last Rock

Though experts claim that treatments for chemical dependency are not 100% effective, the author of “The Last Rock”, Bishop Rogerio Formigoni, does not agree. The book tells the story of a young man who was held hostage by a spirit of addiction for many years, which eventually led him to getting hooked on crack. Among the drugs affecting our country, crack is considered the most destructive. For you to have a better understanding of the great power it possesses to destroy the user’s life, 1 out of every 3 people addicted to crack will die after using it continuously for about five years. However, for those who do not believe that a crack addict can be healed, “The Last Rock” proves there is a solution. Read the following testimony and find out how an addict can be healed and how the young man’s life was completely restored.

In the excerpt below, you can find out more about how a person can be completely healed of addictions:

“When it comes to ‘The Treatment For Healing Addictions’, there are still some family members and addicts that object and refrain from learning more about it, even without knowing ANYTHING about it. They often say they have sought help everywhere possible. They fall to their knees and beg God for help. And God always keeps His hands extended, ready to offer help. This is difficult to say, but unfortunately, the FAITH these people have in God is still dormant. Just as my faith in God remained dormant until April of this year, when I walked into a UCKG.

I have a broad curriculum (20 years experience) when it comes to drugs, especially cocaine and crack. I also dedicated myself to a profound study of different religions (or sects), such as Spiritualism, Candomblé, Umbanda, Rosa Cruz, Projectiology… Oh, I also know practically every institution available in the market for an addict, such as rehabilitation clinics, Caps AD, NA, psychiatric, therapeutic…

Even with this extensive curriculum, I was never able to get rid of the urge to use drugs. My despair was great, that’s why I didn’t think twice after watching a TV program that said there was a cure for addictions. My first impression was: this bishop is speaking about something very serious; I think he’s crazy to say that addictions are curable. However, before considering that first impression as my cold hard truth, I went to the Universal Church and met with the bishop. I got a better understanding of this treatment and decided to participate in the meeting. This was when I found the truth I had been seeking and reached a conclusion: without me realizing it, the process of my deliverance began the first day I stepped into the Universal Church.

Today I no longer have to fight against the urge to use drugs. I’m healed and regularly attend UCKG meetings, because I’m starting to learn how to treat God with all the respect He deserves. I learned how to use my faith intelligently, in my favor and without harming others.” – Fabiola

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