“The Last Rock” event brought healing and addictions to North America

The crowd was not intimidated and faced the -8 degree weather to attend the first “The Last Rock” event, held on Thursday (15), in Brooklyn, New York, USA. The meeting was held by Bishop Bira Fonseca, who heads the country’s evangelistic work in English, and Bishop Roger Formigoni, author of “The Last Rock”.

Moments before the long-awaited event, members of the Youth Group, assistants and volunteers marched with banners and pamphlets announcing that there is a cure for addictions.

Among those who attended, there were many addicts who were invited by their family members and others who were evangelized in rehabilitation centers near the Church. Everyone was looking for a solution to a problem that has affected and destroyed many lives and North American families.

Everyone identified with bishop Formigoni, a former addict, who now fights for other people to be healed from all sorts of addictions. They were able to identify with his words and find the root of their addiction problem. Through his testimony, they were given the direction to overcome this root and understand they have to do everything necessary to treat this problem.

Many of them decided right there and then, to throw out their cigarettes and any other kind of drugs they had in their possession. Then they received a special prayer in front of the Altar and made a vow to fight to the end. Their countenance immediately looked different after this decision.

“Either you surrender to the addiction, or you overcome it,” said bishop Formigoni, encouraging everyone to continue the treatment on Saturdays at 10am.

Everyone also had the opportunity to acquire the book “The Last Rock” for the first time in the United States.

Bishop Bira Fonseca made the final prayer, and everyone promised to seek God, build up their spiritual life and prioritize their Salvation.

After the meeting, people felt relieved and motivated, believing that there is a cure for addictions and a new life without them is possible, through faith. This is what happened with Denise Andersen. She was addicted to cocaine and crystal meth for more than 30 years, and this was the first time she ever participated in an event like this one.

“I loved everything. I’m glad I came and participated. They told me that my life would change, and at first I didn’t believe and didn’t want to come, but I did, and everything was wonderful. I feel much better; I feel good about myself and feel at peace. I had a great night! I want to return for treatment and bring my sister with me because she needs help too.”


Take a look at some photos from the event:

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