The Lap of God

There is no word to better express the greatness of the Meeting Place with the Almighty God of Abraham like the word ALTAR.

God did not create the Altar to serve as a stage for gospel or choir shows;

He did not create the Altar to serve as a political platform;

He did not create the Altar for people to exalt the men who preach on it;

And He did not create the Altar to transmit feelings or an emotional faith;

No, a thousand times no!

The Altar was created for sacrifice.

It was exclusively created for the offering giver to resolve their biggest problem with God: return to Him.

When the Most High revealed Himself to the patriarchs, prophets and servants, they were immediately compelled to build an Altar and sacrifice.

After his wonderful dream, Jacob took the rock that he used as a pillow, erected an Altar and sacrificed the oil he had left in the desert. Then made a vow of faith. Genesis 28

Therefore, the Altar is the Meeting Place with God, of unconditional surrender, of sacrifice…

It was created to receive symbolic offerings from those who are willing to obey.

Holy and pure offerings, representing the Firstborn of God, Jesus.

The Altar is God’s dwelling place on Earth.

A person that is surrendered in sacrifice on the Altar becomes the mobile Altar of the Holy Spirit.

Just like the Altar represents God on earth, the offering represents the life of the offering giver on the Altar.

The Altar becomes the Lap of God for the faithful offering giver;

Only the Altar has the authority to sanctify the offering and validate the presence of the offering giver before the Most High.

On the other hand, when the offering is defiled, the offering giver is not accepted before God.

The Lord Jesus considers those who value the offering more than the Altar, the gold more than the Altar that sanctifies the gold, to be blind.

Why are they like this? Because they are worldly. Their eyes are malicious and can only see the offering as a monetary value. They are unable to identify its spiritual value because the god of this world has kept them blind.

And if they cannot see the offering as a symbol of their life on the Altar, how will they see the Altar as a symbol of God?

This is why the Lord Jesus called them hypocrites and blind.

Blind! For which is greater, the gift or the altar that sanctifies the gift? Matthew 23.19

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