The honor of going to the Temple of Solomon

Good morning, Bishop!

My name is Janiere Freitas and I am an assistant in Brasilia (Brazil).

I would like to tell you a little bit about the joy of going to the Temple of Solomon. From the day the construction of the Temple began, I have been contributing with my offerings, placing a small stone in this large construction, which is much more than physical, it’s spiritual – just thinking about the day I walk in to worship my God.

Bishop, it seems like it was yesterday, but four years have gone by so quickly, and when my pastor invited me to go to this holy place on July 20th, I couldn’t contain my joy. I remained calm and replied: “Yes pastor, I am going.” What I really wanted to do was jump up with joy, but I’m a discreet, reserved woman, I’ve always been soft spoken, I don’t like a lot of hustle and bustle, I am a simple person that likes to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit at any time and all the time. And, for this to happen, I need silence so I can concentrate.

July 13th will mark 25 years that I met my God at the Universal Church. So my trip to the Temple will be during a special time this year. These have been years filled with many struggles, many tears, but I kept the faith, my heart hasn’t been attached to anything, and I have remained faithful to my Lord. And being in the Temple will be a way to thank you, in a special place, for your strength and wisdom to stay in the faith, from faith to faith, year after year.

Bishop, when you say that men and women of God are formed in the desert, your words ignite a fire in my chest, because the desert is truly a school that makes us stronger. It is in the desert, when we pass through our inner battles, that we are approved by God.

Everything is ready: my plane ticket, a new uniform, new shoes, which will be used exclusively on that day; I’m consecrating myself, sanctifying myself to honor my Lord, who is Worthy of receiving all honor and glory.

Thousands of words would not be enough to express the joy that exists in me to know that I will live this unique experience. It will be an honor! I am privileged, I am chosen by God, I am the richest of all women. I go to sleep, wake up, eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner and go back to sleep again thinking about this day. Oh, what a day it will be!

The Fast of Jesus will sanctify and prepares us for this day. I don’t want to enter the Temple of God unprepared, so I’m already preparing myself for the Fast, offering this Fast to God and then going to the Temple. How marvelous! On this day, I want to be in the position of royal priest to the High Priest .

Regards Bishop!

But I, by your great love, can come into Your house; in reverence I bow down toward Your Holy Temple… Psalm 5.7

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