The helper that every man wants

…I will make him a helper comparable to him. Genesis 2.18

God did not simply make a woman for man. He made a suitable helper. If we take a close look at the meaning of these two words, we will find the following definitions for them: “a person that gives assistance” and “capable”.

So we can say that God created someone who can provide man with what he lacks. We understand that a woman has an essential and indispensable role in a man’s life, so much so that, without her, he lacks something he can’t live without.

A helper fulfills the most basic, vital, and indispensable needs. If she was responsible for providing superfluous things, then she would not be needed, and God would not have created her for man. Therefore, what is the most basic, vital and indispensable necessity that a man has? Wouldn’t it be his daily bread?

A woman helps a man with his daily bread since birth. At birth, he automatically clings to his mother’s breast, thirsty for the nourishment that will give him the energy to live and develop.

When he grows up, he continues to have this need provided by his mother, who prepares his meals every day. But, because time passes, the mother will not be able to meet her son’s need forever. And this is where the role of a wife comes in: she replaces her mother-in-law when it comes to meeting the needs of man. This is why it is also written:

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2.24

What every man wants from his wife is that she fulfills the role established by God Himself, in a simple and ordinary way, but that is extremely important in his life. This is an effective way to strengthen the relationship between the couple, because it is something constant, and although routine, very significant. Such moments, care and attention sustain much more than the physical needs of man, but also his emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

The assistance provided by the wife, allows the husband to come home and recharge his batteries, so that he can succeed and conquer the world outside.

A true helper provides what is lacking and is not focused on looking for what she already has. She is concerned with filling the empty gaps, and not wanting to do the same things as her husband.

In addition to this, she is always attentive to her partner’s needs, because this is what true love comes down to. And above all, she is willing to fulfill the role assigned to her by God, not letting herself get carried away by the role society imposes on her. This is the helper every man wants – and needs.

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