The difference between Biblical faith and religious faith

May the Spirit of God find freedom to do His glorious Work in you and your family!

I would like to share, with those who are interested, what the Spirit of God has revealed to me about the infinite difference between religious faith and biblical faith.
The most harmful consequence of religious faith is the separation it causes among people. When someone says, “I’m evangelical”, it immediately creates a barrier for others who are Catholic and vice versa. What kind of faith causes separation, division or creates barriers? Aren’t we are all God’s creations? Why would He create a religious system capable of separating His creations? This doesn’t make sense, right?

Religious faith has nothing to do with the Almighty God, who came to earth to save everyone, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation; this is, EVERYONE!

The question is: why are religions so strong, to the point that, throughout history, they’ve been primarily responsible for all the wars in the world?

Because religion works with emotional faith. Just as emotions are used by sports teams to promote rivalries (sometimes, to the point of death), the religious have also been moved by emotional faith, which, by the way, does not bring any practical benefits.

On the other hand, biblical Faith is not supported by any (zero) kind of science in this world. Instead, its teachings (Laws, Commandments and Knowledgeable Wisdom) come from the Spirit of God Almighty. What’s interesting and clever is that everyone has the right to test His Promises and charge the LORD to fulfill them.

Besides His spectacular Discipline (no follower of the Bible was an addict, had a bad character, or was inconsistent, rowdy, corrupt, liar, etc.). Every follower of the Bible has a stable family and never engages in the filth of this world.

Biblical Faith comes from the Father of Wisdom and rewards us with a conscience that is clear, honest and peaceful, with others and, especially, with God. This is what the Lord Jesus promises His followers:

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