The day that seemed to be destined for failure

“Everything is so organized… Congratulations!”

This was one of the thousands of positive comments we received last Thursday, July 31st, during the official inauguration of The Temple of Solomon. On the occasion, the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, was present along with many other authority figures, celebrities and impresarios. Even the ladies in blue velvet dresses, our friends, who helped during the ceremony were complimented. “Are you from a specific company, can we hire you in the future?” They would answer with pride, “we are Pastors’ wives and we do what we do because of our love for God.”

The event was truly extraordinary in every way, but there’s a side that’s untold. It hasn’t been shown in the news nor in photos. Behind the scenes, we faced ‘hell’ up until five minutes before the event began.

We lived through months of threats from every which way…

They scheduled a protest on the day, but no one showed up.

They wanted to find something illegal so that the event would be cancelled; however, nothing was found.

They spread all kinds of lies about The Temple which didn’t affect us in the least.

And there were a lot of other things that they spared me from knowing… But the most ridiculous was when the President arrived: the lights went out and we were in the dark up until five minutes prior to the event as it was about to begin.

Our electricians didn’t know what to do because everything was apparently working, but there was no light. No one was able to fix the problem until a miracle occurred, and to this day, the electricians haven’t been able to explain how they were able to repair something they didn’t even know was problematic… We later learned that our electrical system had been sabotaged.

In the eyes of everyone that night, everything was perfect, but only God knows how much we had to fight and how much His Angels had to work so that the event could go on as planned. There were months of preparations beforehand as people all around tried to impede, disrupt, denigrate, threaten and scare us… but what they didn’t know, and are probably still unaware, is that Universal is not led by men but by God Himself. Whoever rises against Universal rises against God.

Let’s reflect what just happened in Brazil… The most persecuted church in the land was honored by the highest authorities of the country; all the while, everyone in the Brazilian media wanted an interview with the man they labeled as a thief, once upon a time… Oh, what a day!

It’s worth waiting for the honor which comes from Above because once it arrives, even the people who didn’t want to have any part in it, are consequently participating – just the same.

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