The Day of Revolt

Good morning, Bishop!

As I watched the interview you gave Conexão Reporter (Connection Reporter), last Sunday on SBT, a great revolt grew inside me. Every word you said sparked a flame that burned in my chest. Maybe it’s bold of me to say this, but I see myself in you, because I am a shy person who fights to avoid being controlled by this shyness, and yearns to win souls for God.

After the interview, I locked myself in the bathroom, put my face over the toilet and told God that once I finished my prayer, I was going to leave the bathroom and I would no longer be the same Janiere Freitas, not for my own glory, but to glorify the Name of my Lord.

I want to be the best professional at my job, the best daughter to my parents, the best wife, the best mother, the best sister, the best friend, the best assistant in my Church, the best member of the Esther Group in Brasilia. Wherever I place my feet, whether on the street, at work, the bakery, the bank, I want people to see the Lord Jesus through my life and my actions.

Either it is or it isn’t. But I know I have to give more than I have given, more than everyone else, because I want to make a difference wherever I go. That’s right, “those who do not give, go down,” and I do not want to go down, I want to “rise up”. I want to do this so that I can glorify my King and Lord, the God of the Universal Church, the God of Bishop Macedo, the God of Abraham.

I am 40 years old, 26 of these years have been spent in the Universal Church and in the Presence of God, so I wonder:

How much longer do I have here in this world? What have I done? What have I given? How many souls have I saved? What have I accomplished?

After the interview, I couldn’t sleep wondering why I serve such a great God and have such an insignificant life.

Bishop, I don’t want to be one more in the crowd, I want more, I want to make history, I want to make history by faith, so that my son can tell my grandchildren.

I still don’t know what it will be or how, but I’m sure that after the prayer I made in the bathroom, I’m no longer the same and I am not going to stop giving because those who do not give go down. Those who give, receive and by giving we rise up.

Knowing that the main surrender, the main contribution is not material, it is life, all of my life without any reservations. So I give my entire life to my God.


Janiere Freitas – Brasília/DF

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