The conviction of the Spirit

It is not a surprise that most people do not live according to the Commandments of God. We know that unbelievers often say the Almighty’s Instructions are unnecessary, since they consider normal everything that God condemns. But why does this happen? Why do the people of this world not consider sin to be sin? Why do they confuse righteousness with unrighteousness? And why don’t they believe in the Judgment of God?

All of these questions have only one answer: because the Holy Spirit has not convinced them of these three things.

This is why many people go to church, yet live in debauchery, thinking that the grace of God will deliver them from hell. For the same reason, many religious people think God will make an exception for them, because they occupy a position or hold a title in a certain denomination. It is also because of the lack of this conviction that society lives as if they were never going to be held accountable for their deeds before God.

However, it is worth remembering that it’s not because the Holy Spirit hasn’t convinced these people yet, that God is to blame for their demise. The Lord has all the power to convince, but we are the ones who give Him the conditions to do so. After all, it is written that God shows no preference among people (Acts 10.34), but due to the hardness and lack of repentance, unbelievers store against themselves the wrath (Romans 2.5). The fact of not being convinced by God is the greatest proof that there is a sincere lack of desire to want to know Him.

If you live with such a person and have tried to convince him of the truth, most likely you were unsuccessful. And you will never be. But don’t get upset about it, because this is not your role – it’s the role of the Holy Spirit. And, if by chance, you were able to make someone change their mind, you can be sure that he did not truly convert, because he was convinced by a human being, not by God. And, the first person to approach him with an argument that is better than yours will convince him otherwise again.

Therefore, don’t forget to make your heart conducive to the acts of God. Do not allow the humbleness you expressed in the beginning to be lost over time. Fight against every root of pride, selfishness and self-sufficiency every day. As long as you do this, you will be convinced of all the Word of the Most High and tread the path of faith. Otherwise, you will be convinced by the devil, because your heart will be conducive to his actions, and you will be making long strides, running, down the path of death.

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