The color of your skin

When someone says BLACK, right away the imagine of a slave, an uneducated, unsophisticated person, with a history of drugs in the family, separated parents, broken home and no chance at life comes to mind. For this reason, many black people have hit rock bottom and isolated themselves because of the color of their skin.

The color of your skin does not make a difference, what counts is what you have inside, your spirit. Just like the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets, 1 Corinthians 14.32, the spirit of a black person is subject to that person. Black is a symbol of POWER, BATTLE, DETERMINATION. However, many have been unsuccessful because what they carry within themselves is darker than the color of their skin. If you feel like this, then it’s because this is happening to you. What you harbor within is darker than the color of your skin. Because what you harbor within yourself is DARKNESS. And this DARKNESS has led you to failure.

Change your mindset and you’ll definitely change your life. When you have LIGHT within, the color of your skin will glow and there will be splendor in your countenance. No one will see you as a black slave, but as someone who has a different glow, which is the light of God, the light of the Holy Spirit!

Pay no mind to the sophisms, such as:

“My father was black and didn’t amount to anything in life.”

“My mother was black and never got married. So, I’m never getting married either.”

No! Remove this DARKNESS from within yourself!

Because when the LIGHT of FAITH reigns within, just as Moses’ face shone, you will also shine!

BLACK people are STRONG, we’re WARRIORS. And when there is LIGHT within, you will SUCCEED! But, when there is DARKNESS within, even the OPPORTUNITIES that arise will be lost. Because the DARKNESS within this person is stronger than the color of his skin.

I say this to you right now: “Receive LIGHT within yourself!”

And the DARKNESS of prejudice and inferiority complexes are banned now!

Because this LIGHT, the LIGHT of FAITH, the DIVINE LIGHT makes the black color of your skin shine like the sun at noon.

May the God of the Bible bless you!

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