The Altar is not unjust

Whenever we receive a gift, regardless of its sentimental value, it is normal to evaluate it, even if we do this unconsciously.

“How much was this gift?”

“What do I represent to the person that gave me this gift?”

The same happens when we surrender our life on the Altar.

The Altar represents God Himself. So if It represents God, the Altar receives and evaluates what is presented to Him.

If you say that you surrendered your life on the Altar, yet everything remains the same, without quality, it is surely because:

The Altar assessed the quality of the life presented;

The Altar saw what He means to you;

And it became notorious, not in our eyes, but to the eyes of the Altar, that your surrender had no quality. This is the reason why life does not have quality nowadays.

It is impossible for the Altar to be unjust, like it is also impossible to deceive the Altar.

Jesus said: Fools and blind! For which is greater, the gift or the altar that sanctifies the gift? Matthew 23.19

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