The Altar is for everyone

Almost everyone knows the story of Jacob. He experienced significant pain as he was threatened and persecuted to leave his home because his brother was outraged and wanted to kill him. He left with the clothes on his back and a small amount of oil. On his way, in Bethel, he used a rock as a pillow. He had a dream and when he woke up, he built an altar to God and made a promise as he poured oil over the rock: if God kept him and blessed him with bread to eat, clothing to put on and he returned home in peace, he would give a tenth of everything to Him.

The interesting thing is that after Jacob was blessed and became prosperous; this is, after the promises he asked God for on the Altar were fulfilled and he reconciled with his brother, God appeared to him again and reminded him about the Altar.

God told him to go back to Bethel and rebuild the Altar so he can remember that it was on the Altar that God delivered him on the day of his suffering.

At that moment, Jacob no longer felt anxious or in need, like before. He was rich and had overcome that difficult period in his life, but God reminded him of his pain, and that his problem was solved on the Altar that day.

Sometimes people no longer build an Altar to God because they think it is no longer necessary, they are already blessed. But God made a point of having Jacob return to Bethel and raise up an Altar, just like he did one day when he was in distress.

Jacob said: Then let us arise and go to Bethel and I will make an altar there to God, who answered me in the day of my distress and has been with me in the way which I have gone. Genesis 35.3

We can never forget about the Altar, even when everything in our life is good. It was on the Altar that God delivered us from distress.

God wants us on the Altar, regardless of the situation we are in.

The Altar is for everyone.

Those who are distressed will find deliverance there and those who are well will remember what God has done for them.

The Altar keeps us away from distress and gives us the strength to remain in the faith.

Collaborated by: Pastor Marcelo da Silva

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