Tests are for everyone

Some people think Abraham was the only one to be tested, like it’s written in Genesis 22.

In the world we live in, EVERYTHING people want TO OWN must first be TESTED.
Nobody buys a car without first taking it on a test drive…
Nobody buys a pair of shoes or a dress without first trying them on…

In the world, when a product seems too good to be true, the seller usually tests it out in front of us to PROVE that it actually works. Sometimes, the seller will even try on the product. In other words, saying, “Look how great this product is…” They do this ‘purposefully’ to PROVE it to you.

This is why God also allows us to TEST Him, because HE knows that what He has to offer us is VERY GOOD, and the most interesting fact is that: this opportunity appears only ONCE in the entire Bible, and it’s when He asks for tithes and offerings.

Bring all the tithes into the storehouse (Altar) […] and TRY Me now in THIS, says the Lord… Malachi 3.10


For example, it is common to try a piece of cheese at the supermarket. And no one puts something bad out for others to TRY, because the result would be counterproductive, this is: REPROVED.

When a person comes to Church suffering with a problem, he is also getting a small taste. When he receives a Word and feels better, or a prayer and the pain leaves, when he is healed, delivered etc., what is this? Is this everything? No!

This is God giving us a piece of cheese and saying, “If you want more, there is more, much more and what I have is so good!”

This is why God said to Abraham:

Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward. Genesis 15.1

Whether it’s a home, cell phone, computer, wristwatch, etc., you should try it out first.

Like Bishop Macedo said, we are all tested, Lucifer was TESTED and he FAILED, so were one third of the angels and today they are demons.

Abraham was tested and today he is the father of faith. This is why God commands:

Look to Abraham your father… Isaiah 51.2

So don’t worry, because everyone passes through TESTS. And, even if you don’t want to, you will be TESTED.

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