Jude Melo

Jude Melo suffered with anxiety since childhood.

Isolated and without many friends, she attempted suicide for the first time at the age of 9, after her parents divorced. Time passed and she was introduced to the world of fame. She started a modeling career and, some time later, became a background dancer in a band.

At age 14, after failing to pass the school year, her mother forbade her to continue dancing professionally, which caused even more anger in the adolescent. This was when she attempted suicide for the second time.

Jude continued dancing, until she was invited to be part of a group that toured throughout the country. This was when the young dreamer first had contact with drugs, taking part of parties and orgies.

Even among such apparent euphoria and joy, Jude became depressed, which made her try to put an end to her life for the third time.

The sparkle of fame was no longer fulfilling. At the end of each show, the emptiness grew. She felt like there was something missing. Despite being constantly surrounded by her peers, she felt alone, forgotten and used.

During a tour of shows in Ceará – Brazil, Jude met a young man, who she fell madly in love with. It seemed like he held the solution to all of her problems in his hands. Finally, happiness was knocking at her door. Surprisingly, even though she believed this young man was the love of her life, he physically and psychologically abused her. Soon, the romance ended.

Still during the tour, in Fortaleza, the young woman explains that she was overcome by an inexplicable anger during the shows, where she would often attack the other dancers that shared the stage with her. Jude would push them so that they could get hurt and be unable to perform. She wanted to “shine” by herself.

One day, which was supposed to be like any other day, the young woman woke up feeling more depressed than usual. She spent the entire day locked in her room, crying and thinking about taking her life once again. She recalled that a group of people climbed a hill, near the building where she lived, to prayer. She immediately thought: “If those people go up there to seek the living God, He will deliver me. If not, I’m going to end my life today.”

She left home determined, but was soon approached by a woman who gave her a message, causing her to go back home and spend the rest of the day reflecting.

Seeing that her daughter was destroying her life and she wasn’t able to do anything to change that situation, Jude’s mother and sister began to fight for her at the Universal Church. A difficult uphill battle began in favor of the spiritual deliverance of the entire family. They were all overcome by the Holy Spirit in a short period of time. Making others realize the change that occurred within each one was not difficult. “During a phone call, I noticed a peace in my mother’s voice like I had never seen before,” recalls Jude.

During some time, her mother fought in her favor.

Jude remembers that her mother always asked the assistants to put her daughter’s name in the prayer book, and that, by faith, she would see her transformed and be a part of the VYG.

Upon returning to Bahia, the dancer decided to take a closer look at what caused her family’s transformation. For the first time, Jude set foot in a Universal Church. She put everything behind her and decided to wholeheartedly surrender to God’s purposes.

Today, at age 22, Jude Melo attends a dance course at the Federal University of Bahia and develops her talent by leading the Cultural Project, with the VYG.

She was delivered from the drugs, the illusions of this world, the depression and the desire to die. Filled with the Holy Spirit and a broad smile, she assures that she has never been so happy. “I can only thank my God for what He did in my life. I cannot describe how happy I am,” she celebrates.

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