Spring vs. drain

Have you noticed that a spring and a drain have very similar structures?
Both have an opening on the surface and a channel that connects their external and internal parts. A spring flows from a body of underground water, and a drain leads to the sewer.

At a spring, you can quench your thirst, your animal’s thirst and even gather water for a number of useful purposes. On the other hand, you cannot get water at a drain, because it lets it flow away, seep out.

Since both have structure and water in common, what is the difference between them?
The direction in which the water flows!

At the spring it flows from the inside out, and at the drain, it flows from the outside in. The first only gives, and the second only receives.
The spring and the drain may symbolize two kinds of Christians: the one who gives himself in favor of others and the one who only thinks about himself.

It is common to see a “spring” Christian concerned about others; he gives himself through volunteer work, evangelizations and visits.
These actions are never seen in a “drain” Christian, and if it ever happens it’s just for show, because it is not in his nature to give.

The end of both kinds is well known. When it comes to the “spring”, God takes care of him and gives him the condition to bear even more fruit. When it comes to the “drain”, his “communication” with God is cut off and he ends up lost.

The decision to be a spring or drain is in our hands. And you make this decision every time you have the chance to do good to someone.


Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit. John 15.2

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