God has always left evidence and used signs so that His existence could be undeniable by man.
No one can prove the existence of something or someone without evidence or a sign. This is why God has always left evidence and used signs so that His existence could be undeniable by man. After all, there’s no arguing against facts. The Works of the Almighty are so remarkable that there is no way you can question them or consider them false. And this is exactly how our works should be as well.

When God created the heavens, the earth, the stars, nature, each living creature, etc. He was highlighting the works that man was not involved with, precisely so that man could acknowledge the existence of a Higher Being in the Universe. Creation itself is the most obvious evidence that God exists and is Almighty.

However, Creation is not the only proof of this. God proved He is real in the past and continues to prove it today through the sacrificial faith manifested by man. Yes, He created this faith, which made possible the parting of the Red Sea, the sentence of the ten plagues in Egypt, the fire that descended from heaven and so many other supernatural events. The Greatness of God is revealed to those who manifest this true faith, which can be resumed to sacrifice.

In addition, the miracles performed by the Lord Jesus and all those who believe in Him are facts that go beyond theories and records. They became and have become visible, audible and tangible by all. Healing, deliverance, reviving the dead and even the resurrection of Jesus have said and continue to say more than any amount of words about the existence of the faithfulness of the Supreme God. Not to mention the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which is manifested through the fruit and gifts.

If He left us so many signs of His existence, faithfulness and fulfillment of His Word, we must also do the same. We must prove the existence of our covenant with Him through facts, not empty words!

During a wedding, a ring, which symbolizes a covenant, is placed on the finger of the bride and groom. It is the sign of mutual surrender: wherever both may be, they will remember their commitment to each other, and other people also have this understanding when they see this sign on their left hand. The same is true with God. There must be some kind of sign that proves the existence of a covenant between man and God. Tithing demonstrates this sign very well. The act of returning the first fruits to God is a sign of fidelity to Him, and the blessings He bestows are signs that the Almighty is faithful to that person as well. The character, conduct, behavior, choices made by a person, etc. are also signs that prove the existence of a commitment with God, or the lack thereof.
Just like the Works of God are undeniable in regards to us, our works should also be undeniable in regards to Him: everyone should be able to see with their eyes, ears and touch that we belong to God and we have a vow of fidelity to Him. However, if there are no signs of a commitment with God in your life, then this commitment does not exist. Without facts, it is questionable, invalid, uncertain and unreal.

Collaborated by: Bishop Romualdo Panceiro

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