Sacrifice on the Altar

I was in Church the other day and a woman, with sort of a terrorist look on her face, turned to me and said:

“Another Israel Challenge is about to start next month…”

Her expression and tone of voice led me to realize she was warning me of an impending danger. It was something like: “The bomb is about to explode, be careful!” But you know what’s worse? She is not the only one who feels this way.

Though many people do not express it with words, they also “fear” the Israel Challenge. Many feel like they’re obligated to participate, whether it’s because they don’t want to be frowned upon by others or because they’re afraid of being “cursed” by God.

Yes, friends, the Israel Challenge will probably be here soon, but this should be cause for joy, because it means that we have one more chance to obtain what we want on the altar. Speaking for myself, everything I have came from the altar; in other words, it was generated from a sacrifice. Our home, our workplace, our cars, our company and even my book, which is already a bestseller even though it was just released a few months.

Is it easy to sacrifice? Those who say it is, it’s because they never truly sacrificed. It’s difficult, it’s hard, because nobody likes to give up the things they like or the things they need, but it’s always for a greater good.

I have never made a sacrifice where I didn’t receive many times more in return. And I’m not only speaking about material things, but everything I need to keep my faith. Therefore, if someone comes to terrorize you with the Israel Challenge, tell them that you can’t wait for this great opportunity to come around.

And if you have considered this campaign a heavy burden, work to change your mindset. Pray to God and strive to understand the true meaning of the Challenge.

Have you obtained something on the altar? Then tell us about your experiences. Let’s show our readers how the altar is a place of blessings and not a curse.

See you soon!

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