Real reasons to cry

I cry as I look back and see how long I remained far from the Truth and my Lord.
I cry for feeling like a stranger in this world.
I cry for the absence of the Holy Spirit.
I cry because the contempt I receive for being different in a society of inverted values.
I cry for being rejected by family members who do not understand my faith.
I cry for fear of committing mistakes before my God.
I cry as I see so many people still far from knowing the Truth and Salvation.
I cry as I see so much greed and injustice.
I cry for not being able to do more for my God and my neighbor.
I cry for not being able to understand the Will of my God, or not meeting His expectations.
I cry for those who suffer and are blind to the Truth.
Only those who truly understand the arduous path to Salvation will cry because of these reasons. Man will only become more spiritual after setting foot on this path and start to feel like a stranger in this material world. And, when there is nothing else in this world that gives him the same satisfaction, he cries and suffers, because he still has not found the comfort of the Spirit.
At that moment, the evolving man is in utter despair, he feels abandoned, because he left one world but hasn’t found the other yet.
Many of us find ourselves at this stage. We feel like there is a bigger world, beyond this world, but we haven’t been able to penetrate it. We remain attached to the world we live in and its values, so we suffer.
But, precisely because of this suffering, we are impelled to seek understanding and comfort. By seeking, we will certainly find – “Seek and you will find”.
Comfort is everywhere; we just need to have “eyes to see”.
Comfort is clear in the words of the Gospel, where we have often read through them, many times, without seeing the comfort in them. Those who suffer will be comforted!


“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Matthew 5.4

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