In Hebrew, the language the Bible was written in, the word Qof-Resh-Bet means “to come near” or “to draw attention”. Qof-Resh-Bet is the root of the word sacrifice, which is Karbanot, or Korban in singular form (ְרָּןבָּן). When the Bible refers to sacrifice it is referring to every kind of animal that was offered to God for various reasons, which could be an ox, sheep, goat or dove.

The root of the word Karbanot means “to draw attention”. Korban is sacrifice and the root of the word is to draw attention. Therefore, we come close to God and draw His attention when we sacrifice.

And where do we present the sacrifice? On the Altar. The word Altar (מֵּחַבֵּחַ), in Hebrew means place of slaughter or place of sacrifice. Every time an Altar was built and dedicated to God, He had to come down to accept the sacrifice.

An Altar was raised only on special occasions:

1 – When God commanded it

2 – When a situation required a sacrifice, which made God manifest upon that Altar

There is another type of Altar, which is not built, it is a natural Altar, like Mount Sinai.

God considered Mount Sinai an Altar because He descended upon it. If He descended, then that place was consecrated, therefore becoming an Altar. God manifests Himself on the Altar when sacrifices are presented.

Another natural Altar that God consecrates as His is a person’s life when He descends upon him with the Holy Spirit.

My friend, draw God’s attention with your sacrifice so that He may descend upon your life.

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