Pure milk

When babies are born, they need to drink their mother’s milk. God, in His infinite wisdom, placed all the necessary nutrients into breast milk for a child to grow strong and healthy. Those who surrendered their life to God, died for this world and were born again, also receive whole milk, containing all the necessary nutrients for them to grow and become strong. Apostle Peter is very clear when he speaks about this:

Like newborn infants, desire the pure spiritual milk, so that you may grow by it for your salvation, 1 Peter 2.2 HCSB

In order for those who were born again to grow, they have to use their intelligence while meditating on the Word of God. If this happened by using emotions, He would have ordered them to desire emotional milk, sentimental milk, heart milk, or something of the likes. The nourishment that sustains spiritual growth is pure milk. This nourishment is the Word of God, given in a way that is rational, intelligent, pure and without the interference of religiosity.

Counterfeit milk is the kind given by religions, which interpret and distort the Word of God according to their own interests. It is faith mixed with emotions, which is guided by what is seen, must be “felt” to be believed, and is based on the word of men.

Who would be foolish enough to give sugar to a newborn? Can you imagine filling a bottle with soda and feeding it a newborn? If the child survives, he will have many health problems, such as weak bones, diabetes, heart problems and other diseases. So why would you feed emotions to someone that was just born again? This is how many Christians live, feeding on words and songs that are loaded with emotions, attending meetings that seem more like shows and having experiences that make them lose complete control of themselves.

The pure milk of the Word of God sustains those who live by faith because it is a whole food. It contains promises for all areas of life – and we can sustain our faith in them. It contains the description of God’s character and this gives us security to know Who we are making an alliance with. It also contains the examples of the Heroes of Faith, which gives us insight into what we should do and how God works in the lives of His children.

The Word of God provides nourishment for all the stages of Christian growth. But it is not a coincidence that what provides growth to those who are newly born again is called pure milk. We can only connect directly to Him and develop a rational, conscious and solid faith for a healthy spiritual life that will lead us to Eternity when we use our reason while meditating on the Word of God, without emotions.

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