Prophetic vision

While meditating on the grandeur of Creation, I was intrigued by an interesting thought:

Why did the Sovereign Eternal Almighty Lord create billions and trillions of stars when, in reality, the lack of them would make no difference, I suppose, on Earth?

The sun, for example, is essential for life on Earth. It generates light and energy that sustains the planet Earth; the moon does too. Not only does it illuminate the sky during the night, but it is also partly responsible for keeping the Earth balanced.

So what about the infinite amount of stars that are scattered throughout the Universe? What is their purpose for mankind?

Then the answer came to me: The fullness of the infinite Greatness of the Creator made all these magnificent, exuberant, indescribable things so that man could look at them, realize and recognize how Great is the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

This is why King David said:
The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork. Psalm 19.1

If we do not recognize Him through the Wonderful Works that are visible, then these same things will testify against us on Judgment Day. Therefore, nobody, absolutely nobody, can use the excuse that they did not know about the Existence of the Most High!

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