Possible conflicts of Abraham

God tests Abraham asking for the sacrifice of his son (Genesis 22)


What would you do if God asked you to sacrifice your only son? The lesson for today will demonstrate that the servant of God, Abraham, faced this reality. We will examine the integrity and implications of this father of faith, and how he was approved and answered by the Lord in a marvelous manner.

I. Why did God test Abraham in this manner?

God’s purpose in placing Abraham in this very difficult test was to increase his faith, granting him a greater victory through a greater understanding of God and His plan. In this process of testing, Abraham had the opportunity to demonstrate obedience and to grow in spirit. God wanted to see the heart of Abraham; God wanted to verify whether or not he loved Him more than his son Isaac, and to test his faith in His promise to make him into a great nation.

II. Possible conflicts and questions experienced by Abraham

1. Abraham experienced a huge conflict. As a father he loved his son Isaac, and yet, as a servant of God he knew he had to obey.
2. Nothing could justify this request of God.
3. How could his son be sacrificed when the promise of making him into a great nation would be through that very son?

III. Immediate obedience

Even when he did not understand the motive behind God’s order, Abraham obeyed immediately (v.3).
On his way to the sacrifice, there must have been a whirlwind of thoughts in the mind of Abraham our father, and yet, by faith, he kept walking in obedience to the Lord.

IV. Abraham believed that God would resurrect his son Isaac. (v.4,5)

When he said to his servants: “You two stay here… We will worship and then return to you” (v.5), it is abundantly clear that Abraham believed that after sacrificing his son to the Lord, He would resurrect him so that God’s promises might come true. This was the highest point in Abraham’s faith, and this same faith is being lived out by those who surrender to the Lord, accepting Him as Savior of their souls. (Rm. 10.9,10)

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