Population meter andf my despair

While researching some data for a job, I came across this site that shows an estimate of the world population, in real time, along with other statistics. I froze while looking at the numbers quickly increasing next to the “Deaths today”. Take a look: www.worldometers.info

Despair came over me for a moment, as I saw the numbers increase and imagined that each number is one more soul that is leaving this world. Despair of knowing that, according to what we know to be the Truth, the overwhelming majority is not going to a better place. Despair of knowing there were many, many people dying as I tried to process this information. Despair of knowing that those who are saved, among that number of people, are few, very few.

The numbers increased rapidly and I couldn’t do anything to stop them. We hear the statistics and know a lot of people die, but to actually see the numbers increase before our eyes causes a real sense of urgency. Above this number is the number of people born today, which gave me a similar sense of despair. Souls that are coming into this world and will need to, at least, hear the Truth. More souls who will need to be saved before it is too late. More people who will suffer. If I didn’t want to have children before, after seeing these numbers, I’m even more certain that I will not be responsible for bringing another soul into this world, which I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

There is a lot that needs to be done. And there are very few people who are truly willing to devote their lives to doing something for the lost souls. The work I do today is my way of dedicating my life, my time, my mind and my effort to this mission, but it’s still very little. And when I look at this website, the awareness that what I do is very little further increases. So I asked God what else could I do. What else? I asked Him to give me the ability to do more. But even if I exceed the limit of my strength doing something, it would still not be enough. This is not a job that can be completed individually. We built the Temple and I saw people be shocked by the fact that, shortly after, the UCKG was already talking about building new churches for thousands of people. They do not understand, but we understand. We did not build the Temple to stand there, staring at it. This Work cannot stop. Even if we built a Temple in each district, it would still not be enough.

More than ever, it is not only time to work with all our strength, but to ask for reinforcements. We should increase our prayers for more workers, and for those who are saved among us to wake up. Stop looking only to yourselves. There is no time to waste on nonsense, gossip, deception, games, emotions, small talk, etc. There is no more time. The numbers are increasing like chronometers. People are being born and dying every second. Souls. Many souls. Souls that are being pulled to our side and to the enemy’s side on a daily basis. It’s not enough to just bring them to Church, the work is tireless, on several fronts, and will only end when Jesus returns. Until then, let’s do our part, with all our strength and with full awareness of the seriousness of this work.

Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Luke 10.2

Regards and God bless you!

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