Poor Cinderella



The blog post titled Wonder Woman was 1001% for me. Thanks!

My agenda doesn’t have 10% of what yours has, actually, I probably don’t have 2% of the commitments you have, and I felt overwhelmed. On Sunday morning, after sleeping only four hours (that’s almost my routine now), we usually leave really early


because we go to the UCKG in Pompano Beach (we live 60 kilometers away), we leave around 6:30 am. I was doing my make-up and finishing polishing my nails in the car, as I said to my husband with a deep sigh from the depths of my soul:

– Why aren’t I good enough?

Since men can’t read thoughts, lol, he asked:

– Good enough for what?

– Good enough to be a PERFECT, NORMAL woman, (lol) I’m always rushing through things like the housework, the Godllywood Challenges (I’ve done 17 and only posted two). I always do my make-up and nails in the car because it’s the only time I have left… Do you think I’ll be “normal” someday?

He then said something very interesting for a man, and I confess I was proud of him:

– Honey, people who change the world don’t have a light routine. See how many things you do: school, work, taking care of the house, of me, you’re a volunteer in another project, and on top of it all, there’s the work of God. People who seem to “handle everything” and live a “perfect little life” don’t change anything, not even themselves. Because our efforts sprout as a seed – it will only show up some time after it’s planted – people who look from the outside don’t have a clue. They don’t know. Take Bishop Macedo and his whole family, their efforts have been stoned for over three decades; while people lived out their little lives with rules and structure. They woke up, worked, went home, slept, watched the news and saw every calamity without really reflecting. They allowed themselves to spread the news like parrots, while Bishop and his family (through the strength of God) were already changing the world… So, honey, let’s learn with Bishop Macedo’s family: they don’t waste their time on things that don’t change the world, the Bishop could have conformed to having a “good church” which seats 10,000; he writes well, so he could have become stagnant and lived a very normal life, he wouldn’t have been a bother to many. But, he decided to live out his life to change the world; the lives of those who decide to be of God… We see the result of that strength which is balanced by intelligent Faith to this day…

Cris, I must confess, my jaw dropped. And the interesting thing is that to the naked eye, my husband is a very simple man – from a normal perspective, but he has such impressively divine wisdom.

When we arrived at church, the Bishop’s message to us assistants on a sheet of paper had the following subject: Balance, it was perfect timing.

And then, to top it all off, the message “Wonder Woman” hit the bull’s eye.

God chose your family to change the world and that’s something incredible. God saw a sufficient amount of humility to be able to count on all of you.

Imagine if King David, the one who envisioned the first temple with so much love and devotion, found out about the “Temple of Solomon” in Brazil; if somehow someone told him: “You know… the temple your son Solomon will built will be destroyed; and still another after that… But one day, in a country that no one’s even dreamed of, amongst a gentle people who have suffered a great deal, 3,200 or so years from now, God will use a man. This man will make a startlingly beautiful Temple with the plans given by God but in greater proportions. If you could see him over there in Brás, you would get so excited… Although that land will still take a long time before it appears on the map…”

Could you imagine David’s face? Do you think he could imagine that far ahead? Never.

That’s the same thing with the seeds you are planting to transform the world, for the honor and glory of the Lord Jesus. When we elevate our minds to such grandeur – the Wonder Woman syndrome, lol, disappears. Wonder Woman turns into poor little Cinderella next to a UNIVERSAL woman.

Lucia Wenceslau

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