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During its 37 years of existence, the mission of the Universal Church has always been to help people and lead them to a new life with the Lord Jesus.

In order to reach out to an even greater number of people, overcoming the barriers of physical distance, Online Pastor was created, a counseling system where hundreds of pastors and bishops take turns in shifts to provide 24-hour counseling online, for free.

During these first few months, since we began offering this service, more than 300,000 people have received counseling. Take a look at what some of them have to say:

“I fell away from the faith for 2 years and 4 months. During this time, I started suffering with panic attacks, depression, insomnia, seeing shadows, hearing voices and developed an irrational fear of death. I saw myself dead, with candles and flowers around me. My heart would start racing and my blood pressure would rise; this happened so often that I would go to the hospital four times in one week. The doctors prescribed strong sedatives, antidepressants, black box medicine, yet nothing helped. They ran several tests, but couldn’t find anything. I felt tormented. That’s when I decided to end my life, so I logged onto Facebook because I wanted to leave my friends a message before putting an end to my suffering. As I scrolled through some profile updates, I noticed a post from Bishop Macedo with a link to connect with Online Pastor, which caught my attention. I had never heard of this. I accessed the link and spoke with a pastor. I poured out my heart to him, told him about the torment happening inside me and he helped me – so much so that at that moment I felt something I had never felt before. Joy invaded my life. That pastor assured me that there was a solution, a light at the end of the tunnel. Peace came over me and I ended up changing my mind. I went to Church and began attending meetings. I was delivered from all evil. I turned my life around, was baptized and am now firm in God’s presence. My life changed, I no longer want to die. Now, I want to live so that I can do the will of my Lord.”

Jefferson Souza – Corumba/MS



“I was raised as an assistant of the Universal Church at the age of 15, but I turned away form the Presence of God, the Church and the Work of God at the age of 18. This was when I decided to live my life to the fullest. I remained away from the Church for 11 years. During this time I studied a lot and worked a lot, but I also got romantically involved with married men. There was one man in particular that I fell head over heals with and became completely blinded by passion. So I decided to visit a witchdoctor, and paid him to help me. During one of these sessions, I got a terrible headache and was no longer the same ever since. During a very difficult time, I logged on to the Church’s website to look for help, because I knew that only God could help me during that time of despair and darkness. When I logged on to the Church’s website, I had no idea this service was being offered, but I was so upset that I clicked the link and it took me to Online Pastor. I spoke to a pastor, and he said I should speak to the pastor here in Manaus. Pastor David and his wife counseled me the best way possible. I was baptized, the demons were cast out of my life and now I am seeking the Holy Spirit.”

Maria Delrimeire Silva de Melo – Manaus/AM



“I fell away from the Church for a long time; though I had a desire to return, I was never able to. When I contacted Online Pastor I was feeling very distressed and confused, but the pastor helped me analyze the situation better.

He advised me to look for a Universal Church. And that’s what I did, I prayed to God to give me strength to go and found a Church that is an hour away from where I live, in Nantes, here in France. Today, even though it’s a bit far from where I live, I’ve participated in the meetings and began reaping the rewards. I want to thank everyone that is involved in this great work, which is very helpful when you don’t have many resources, like in my case, where I live a bit secluded from everything.”

Kelly – Brittany/France



“Online Pastor helped me because I had no one to open up with; I was under the impression that nobody understood me. Nobody was really able to help me, but I found someone who understood me and gave me support at Online Pastor. Someone who believed in me even though they did not know me! I had fallen away but now I am firm in the faith.”

Bruna Manoela Santos da Silva – Salvador/BA



“I was unsure about a decision I had to make in my life, that’s when I decided to access Online Pastor. I was going through some tough times in my love life, so we spoke a lot about these problems and I decided to put an end to my suffering, because there was an age difference, insecurities and a lack of communication from my partner. I followed pastor’s advice and began attending meetings at the Universal Church. God has changed my life in every aspect.”

Joelma Fernandes Claudino – Crateus/EC



“I was always curious about visiting the Church, but I belonged to another Christian denomination, and because I didn’t know any members of the Universal Church, I did not know the days and times of worship, but the Online Pastor helped me get in contact with the Church. Today, I am a faithful member of the Church in my town, in Esperanca – SP, and I am in the faith of serving God as an evangelist.”

Nathan Guilherme de Oliveira – Bauru/SP



“I was desperate, but the day I accessed Online Pastor, I was counseled by Pastor Miguel and already started to feel less burdened. This was on a Saturday, and he advised me to go to Church on Sunday, so I went. I was very well received there. The pastor was very attentive; he asked me to return in the meetings on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and I went. Friday was the most important day, because I was delivered from everything that oppressed me, followed me and hindered my success. I can say that since that day I have not cried. I feel very well emotionally and spiritually.”

Iris Peres – Sorocaba/SP


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