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Good morning!

My name is David Walan, I am a pastor and I would like to share something very interesting that happened while I was counseling on Pastor Online.

I must admit that when I began counseling on Pastor Online I thought there wouldn’t be a lot of people accessing the website, but I was wrong, because I could see how this work is serious and helps lead many people to Salvation.

I have counseled hundreds of people with all kinds of problems, from members to assistants. I counseled people that wanted to kill themselves; mothers whose daughters were raped; marriages that were completely destroyed and many other cases.

Through their suffering, I realized just how true this passage is: The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Matthew 9.37

Recently, while I was counseling, a woman named Adriana sent the following message (these are all her exact words):

“I’m just here to thank you for all the times I came on Pastor Online and received very special counseling. I was suffering with panic attacks and depression. I was no longer taking baths or leaving the house, I often logged on here feeling desperate and a pastor prayed with me, and gradually I overcame. 

I began to attend Friday meetings, put all the medicine the psychiatrist gave me on the altar and I’m here today just to say thank you. Because I know it’s God’s will that I do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, pastor. May God bless you all, always. This goes for all of the Universal family, which is also my family! Thank you! 

You don’t measure efforts to save souls from the devil’s claws, and we can’t find this anywhere else. God has been urging me for days to log on and do this. I know you always go online to listen to problems, like I did many times, but today I’m only here to thank you with tears in my eyes, because God is truly wonderful.”

Her message made me very happy, because I realized our work is not in vain. Many souls are being won and lives are being transformed by the Holy Spirit, through us.

This is our salary. Our actual payment is when a person turns away from their wrong life and accepts God, in fact and in truth.

If you also need help, access now, because there will always be a man or woman of God to help you.

Pastor David Walan

Bishops, pastors and wives of the Universal Church who wish to counsel those that are suffering on Pastor Online, click here, fill out the form and we will contact you.

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