My hobby became my business

For 10 years, I was suffering from high blood pressure. I was in a serious accident and one of its long-term side effects was hypertension. I went from cardiologist to cardiologist but nothing happened. I had so many physical limitations because of the accident. At the same time, my family was a mess. My siblings and I were not in good shape. We had arguments at home. I was also struggling financially. Money was not enough.

When I heard about the UCKG through the radio back in my country, I came because at that time I had nothing to lose. I did everything the pastor told me. I threw myself in God’s hands. I heard about the Campaign of Israel and I took it as my chance to change my life. I didn’t have a lot but I gave what I had. I started to see God working in my life. My relationship with my family was restored. But I still continued to fight. I participated in another Campaign because I wanted to leave my country and live a new life in Canada.

God opened the doors for me to come to this country, however I continued to fight for my immigration problems by working with the lawyers using my faith and taking action. I gave everything in the Campaign and once again God honored my sacrifice.

But I didn’t stop there; I knew I had so much more to conquer. So I did another Campaign for my finances. I wanted to run my own business. Then it came to me – I have a hobby of planning and decorating our family gatherings. God gave me an idea to use this hobby to move forward. So I started going to my friends and decorate their events. It was a fight because I’m not qualified. I don’t have a diploma to show them. But God qualifies the unqualified. Then I saw the light and continued fighting to develop this idea.

Today I am healed. I’m a citizen of this country. My family is serving God and my finances are getting better.


Josefina Monteiro


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