Memorial Service

Hello, bishop!

Last Sunday, I went to the memorial service for Pastor Jorge Lima, who died here in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Those in his family who are not converted were crying a lot, and as in all funerals, the mood was sad. When the bishop called the family forward to pray for them, something happened and everyone was shocked.

Pastor Jorge’s father, Mr. Jorge Amilton, asked for permission to take the floor and said:

“Today is Father’s Day, and I lost my son Jorge Lima. But I can say to all of you that this is the BEST GIFT I could have received on Father’s Day. WHY IS THAT?

Because I can look all of you in the eyes and say with pride that I did not lose my son to the world, to drugs or to hell. I lost him to GOD. You should not cry for Jorge, you should cry for your children, siblings, cousins who are lost in the world. Stop crying and let’s rejoice, because Heaven is celebrating the death of a righteous person!”

His words silenced the entire room. I saw people quickly stop crying, and peace came over everyone.

This is the Universal Faith that nobody understands! We go against the grain of this world.

And instead of weeping and wailing, we spread Faith and Life.

It is a privilege to possess this faith!

Pastor Heverton Hernandes

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