Marriage saved his life

Recently, 112 couples celebrated their union at the Temple of Solomon, during the Love Therapy meeting. It was a very special night, where they exchanged wedding vows before God.

And among so many stories of overcoming obstacles and reconciliation, one stood out. A wife was fighting for her husband, who had been away from the Church. She wanted him to come back and participate in this celebration. Between the comings and goings, there were many obstacles for this marriage to take place. One week before, he accepted to back come.

On the set date, they were married before the Altar. The same man that was apart from God promised to return and remain in the faith. However, the following day, at 6pm, he had a massive heart attack and died.

His wife is obviously sad, but at the same time, she has a joy that only those who are Saved can understand, because she is sure that Jesus called him, rescued him and took him.

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