Love comes from faith

Dear Bishop,

The example the Lord Jesus left for us, which shows His surrender in our favor, is very strong.

Many were out there, aimlessly wandering, without joy, seeking a solution to fill the void in their lives, until they became tired of waiting for an answer in the world and heard the Voice of Faith, which assured them that their problems would become their testimonies. It’s very strong!

When we hit rock bottom, we found God. When we were no longer able to hide the thirst deep in our souls, He revealed Himself to us. When we hit rock bottom, God turned our desert into a spring, an overflowing well, to bring life to everything around us.

This is when our thirst was quenched and our void was filled. The empty well, which once seemed to be our grave, became a constant wellspring.

We owe it all to God for this, it is something that cannot be paid back or has a monetary value; it is such a large debt, a commitment, a Pact. And today we can see the result of this wonderful union.

God allowed us to be intimate with Him, taught us to ignore repetitiveness and religiousness, so that we would be involved by Him. And, this desire to be with us is so great that God Himself leads us into His arms here on Earth. A place where, we are literally in His dependence, the Altar.

To get to the Altar, we fight. And to remain firm, we sacrifice. Everything in honor to our Lord. There, in His lap, we overcome and restore our life. But this time, together.

I’m sure thousands of people say how much it was worth to persevere, sacrifice, because God brought them to a life that does not allow mistakes. Either “it is or it is not”, either you rise up or fall down.

God made us know the secret to winning at everything and remaining in everything: Love. Not an irrational love that comes from the world, but a love that comes from Faith, intelligence, which is based on renunciation, surrender, submission, obedience and many other things, but above all, sacrifice.

A pact, an everlasting Covenant, a Marriage.

John Matheus


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