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I was part of another Christian denomination, but my life was a mess. My family, finances, health, and even my spiritual life were all in bad shape.

Then my mother came across the UCKG on TV. She eventually went and took me with her. I only went because she told me to. After a while I stopped attending.

I was in my teen years. In my mind, I thought I would be fine as long as I prayed and knew God. I didn’t see much of a difference for a while, but I didn’t realize that I was slowly digging my own grave. It started with the wrong relationship that I was in. I thought I was with the right person and everyone else was wrong.

From there, everything went downhill. I completely stopped being happy. I didn’t have any more energy to fight for my dreams. I stopped respecting my parents. Because of my situation, I got depressed. I would wake up to eat and go back to sleep. But my family didn’t give up on me. They have always tried to bring me back to the church. All of a sudden, the worst thing happened in my relationship.

From that moment on, I decided to leave everything and start a new life. I left my country and came to Canada. The first few months were hard for me. I barely had anything to eat and I had to share a small room with someone in a house with 13 other people. But even with the little I had, I was faithful to God.

I would receive a little amount of money from the help fund of my family’s company. The amount was barely sufficient to survive for a month. But I started saving because I wanted to have a better life.

Then the Campaign of Israel came and I decided to put all of my effort into it. I put everything that I had been saving for months on the altar. I was sure God would restore my family. And He did.

Unexpectedly, I received a phone call from my mother saying that she wanted to see me and how I was doing. My family came and didn’t recognize me because of all the changes God had done. They helped me rebuild my life. I started studying and improved my skills. I also started working as a freelance graphic designer.

Another Campaign came and I decided to sacrifice for my love life. I carried a lot of traumas from my past relationships so I had lost my self-confidence. I was afraid of being alone. But God answered me and healed my heart and delivered me from the traumas. I also did a chain of prayer so I could be completely healed from the wounds.

With my self-confidence restored, I got interested in the modeling industry. I slowly pursued a modeling/acting career. I would run around working on my portfolio in the morning and then study in the afternoon till nighttime. But I didn’t find anything big. I had small jobs here and there but that was it.

Then an opportunity came. I got invited to Seoul fashion week in South Korea where I was treated like a king. They offered me a strong opportunity and asked me to live there for two years. I was going to have my own private driver; my own place and an agency would represent me there. But the church was not there. I didn’t want to risk my spiritual life. So I was stuck in a dilemma. For several days I was having a hard time deciding what to do. I asked God to help me and tell me what to do.

I refused the offer and prioritized my relationship with God. However, after the refusal, the months ahead got harder, but I was sure that God would honour my decision.

I continued working as a model, but I slowly lost interest in that field. I knew I could do something bigger. I wanted to be my own boss and never to depend on a producer or any interviews to achieve my dreams. I took part of another Campaign for my finances.

During my free time, I would read about economics, business management and the stock market. God helped me understand it and blessed me, so I became the first international representative of my family’s company. I would travel across North America as a trusted advisor and a strategy guide in international businesses. But I did not stop there. I had plans of opening a game studio.

I found a game store and my friend helped me get a job there. I received the job, but then suddenly they refused to give me the position. That moment I realized that I had to start my own business. I went to banks, lawyers, and even accountants. The doors started opening before me.

My school started a program to help new companies in the game industry get started. I sent business plans and proposals and I was selected. The first few days were a bit scary, because I didn’t have any references or someone to explain how everything works. But I knew God was guiding me.

The hardest part in the beginning was finding the right staff. I hired bad staff, but God guided me on how to deal with the matter. The school program I was in often had presentations that exposed the business of their members. The first presentation I made was so successful and the audience liked my game so much that they made sure to invite me to give small lectures about entrepreneurship. I’ve even been invited to take part in business exhibitions in Europe.

During the year, I have to ask people to stop booking trips for me because I need rest from traveling. I am now an owner of a game company (Kuchnier Games). With only a year of existence, we have already tripled our size. I know that this is just the beginning and there is so much more that God has prepared for me.

Daniel Kuchnier
CEO of Kuchnier Games

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