Like the Hebrews in the desert

The Hebrew people remained as slaves in Egypt for more than 400 years.
Humiliated and far from God, they cried out for help, because they could not endure suffering any longer.

So God sent His servant to proclaim the freedom of the Hebrews and lead them to the Promised Land.

And this is what happened. After the epic manifestation of God in Egypt to free His people, thousands of Hebrews, who were now free, began their journey through the desert. A journey to a promise, to the Promised Land.

At Mount Sinai, God requested something to Moses that amazed everyone. God wanted to dwell among the people and told Moses to build a Tabernacle so He could live with the Hebrews and guide them in the desert. And so, they walked for forty years.

Many doubted, complained, repented for having left Egypt and died along the way. Few entered the Land flowing with milk and honey. For those who persevered in the faith, Jerusalem was now their home.

Today, it is no different.

We lived as slaves of sin, chained by guilt and covered with the filth this world threw upon us. We were like living-dead, far from the Most High. Until we cried out for help and He sent us a Deliverer. The Words of Life that we heard awakened the faith that was dormant within us.

Our Deliverer, the Lord Jesus, tore our souls from the bondage of sin and promised to give us Eternal Life in Heaven. We then began a journey through this world. Day after day fighting against our will, against our desires and against sin. Day after day we walk in this arid desert toward Eternal Life.

And just like God manifested the desire to dwell among the Hebrew people in the desert, He revealed His immense desire to dwell within each one of us through the Holy Spirit.

This time, He would not remain in a Tabernacle, but within our body. That’s right, the Almighty God would not be among us, but within us. And those who longed for this with all of their hearts were then filled with the Holy Spirit!

Like the Hebrews, all that were once delivered from the bondage of sin by the power of faith are walking through this “wilderness” called world. They are heading towards Eternal Salvation, the New Jerusalem. But unfortunately, like the Hebrews doubted, complained and longed to return to Egypt, today many former slaves are becoming lost in this wilderness, because they did not receive the support to overcome the world, which is the Holy Spirit.

May we focus on what really matters during the Fast of 21 days, which is to receive the Holy Spirit. But, for this to happen, you have to stop doubting, complaining or looking back, and above everything else, aim to become the dwelling place of the Most High.

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