God is full of unquestionable attributes and virtues. But, among all of His attributes and virtues, there is one that can be considered the foundation of all the others: Justice! None of the others can exist without it. And, as a Holy and Righteous being, He requires the same thing from His creations. He wants us to be holy, pure, faithful, fearful and obedient, because it is impossible to have a relationship with Him without these things. No matter how great His love and mercy, because of His Holiness and Justice, He is unable to bless us if we do not walk with Him in righteousness.

When we talk about justice, we are referring to a practical faith, without religiosity, because only this faith can justify us and make us righteous in the eyes of the Most High. And it is interesting that, the same way He demands justice, He grants us a faith that is capable of making us righteous! This is glorious!!!

And when we live by this faith, it is impossible to accept any injustice imposed by hell, because the same faith that justifies us, causes revolt, moves us, urges us to fight for what is right, and this comes from God Himself, who wants us to charge Him for our rights. More than anything, He wants to show the power of His Justice through us.

God does not want us to be like parasites, accepting unjust situations and not doing anything about it. No! He wants us to react, to do the same as Abraham did, to present ourselves before Him with our problems. This is the faith of the Universal Church. We don’t bow our heads to the devil. Do you know why? Because we are descendants of Abraham.

Put Me in remembrance; let us contend together; state your case, that you may be acquitted. Isaiah 43.26

This is and should be our faith, because it is the only thing that permits us to see the Justice of God being done!

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