Joy of the Lord

Good morning, Bishop!

My spiritual revival began exactly six months ago, when my husband decided to go to another denomination (church), because he was called to become pastor.

He invited me to go with him, because he didn’t want to leave his family (me and our daughter). But every time he mentioned this subject, I always said I would not go, because I had my faith and was not going to abandon my calling, since I’m an assistant.

He tried several times, every day. He would call me to say that he was leaving, even if I would not go. I always said I would not go, and he could go if he wanted to; however, I was not going with him.

Until one day, he left a letter saying goodbye to me and our daughter. I was at work and my daughter was at home, sleeping. When I came home from work, I read the letter. In tears, I got down on my knees and determined this would be the last time I cried. In the letter, he wrote that he did not want to make this decision, but saw no other alternative since I decided not to go with him. He moved to another state and left our family.

From that moment on, my spiritual revival began. I started serving God even more. I made a vow that I wanted to be even more used by GOD, because I had chosen the good part, I chose to remain in my FAITH.

I ended an 18-year marriage to a man that had always been a good husband and given us wonderful family moments, just so I wouldn’t deny my FAITH.

You know what Bishop, in the beginning, during the entire time I spent in the desert because of my husband’s absence, I was sustained and remain in the lap of God.

The LORD JESUS never abandoned me or allowed my daughter and I to experience any needs (spiritual or material).

Do you know what it means to depend on God? That’s right, I know you know what I am writing… that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t run to my family asking for financial help, nor was I imploring others for any type of support.

I decided to DEPEND ON GOD. And this was the best decision. I received something unexplainable!

A little before going to the Temple, on July 30th, my husband called me and asked if I still loved him. I said yes. And he asked me why wouldn’t I come join him, since he also loved me very much too. I just replied, “I love you, but I love myself first, and before me and you, I love JESUS, my FAITH. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s inexplicable why I decided not to go with you.”

He was reluctant and said: “Why can’t you explain it, there’s a reason for everything?” But I left his question unanswered, so he could reflect on it himself. Because one day, he served the same God I serve. At one time, he was by my side as an assistant, but he didn’t remain firm. I can’t explain why I didn’t go with the man I love and instead, remained with my FAITH.

But on July 30th, when I arrived at the TEMPLE OF SOLOMON, even before I went inside, tears rolled down my face and I heard GOD: “Marcia, enter the JOY of your LORD.”

I felt so honored to be in such a sacred place, so separate, so enlightened, a place where only the elect and those who remain firm could be.

I saw the greatness of my GOD, and just like the Temple of Solomon was rebuilt, the same is also being done in my life. God has taken care of my daughter and I, down to the smallest detail. Yes, every detail, because our GOD is thorough, and even when we don’t ask for something, He already knows what we need.

The extraordinary happened in my life on July 30th. Today, I know exactly why I remained in my FAITH. I am chosen by God and He has a plan for my life.

Just like the TEMPLE OF SOLOMON is for Salvation, my life will also be to bring salvation to those who are lost. Today I want to serve my GOD much more, to deny my will and renounce whatever it takes to stay with my GOD.

What I received on the 30th, my husband could never give me. Nobody could ever give me, only my GOD.

And I know that what awaits me is much GREATER than what I can see: what awaits me is the crown of life, salvation.

May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you and your wife, because this Work will not end until the return of our LORD!


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