Job vs. Abraham

Job tried hard to project a certain image. This was not entirely wrong, but, despite his righteousness, his projection was far from the perfection he thought he was showing. In fact, this image was damaged by a major failure in his heart. God saw it clearly and determined to cleanse him of it.

All of a sudden, Job’s image of himself is destroyed before his eyes. What is he going to do now? Should he defend the image he has of himself or admit his failure? To acknowledge his failure and repent would be quite embarrassing, but as the story unfolds, we see that Job does not consider there being anything wrong with him.

If there were something wrong, it would be a major embarrassment to have it exposed to everyone. He believes so much that he is an extremely righteous man that, for a long time, he does not realize the problem resides in his heart. Therefore, he does what we all normally do: He tries to defend and justify himself.

This is what happens with many Christians and even people who come to the UCKG. Just like Job, they have a certain “image” of themselves, where they portray a sort of “perfection, holiness and knowledge of everything”, yet the devil continues to bring trouble into their lives. But how can the “devil” be at work in their “holy, perfect and righteous” lives? How can they admit to this? Many years in the Church, holding a position in the Church, and still see the devil at work in their lives? This cannot be possible!!!

First of all, we see that rejecting the idea of being affected by the works of Satan is a sign that things are not well, like in the case of Job:

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away. Job 1.21

How could Job say that “the Lord has taken away” (so tragically) the life of his ten children, his belongings, his animals and ultimately his health? It is clear in the passage that Satan suggested God caused these tragedies, and God said to him:

And the LORD said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power; only do not lay a hand on his person”. Job 1.12

God did not, does not and will never hurt anyone!
But, how could a self-proclaimed righteous man admit Satan had prevailed, and that, because of his flaw, God did not prevent him from doing so? And what was his flaw?

For the thing I greatly FEARED has come upon me, and what I DREADED has happened to me. Job 3.25

He feared and dreaded that one day evil would come and do exactly what it did. But why did such a “righteous” man have this terrible fear? BECAUSE HIS FAITH HAD NEVER BEEN TESTED AND APPROVED!

Was Abraham like this? Were Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego like this? NO! They were tested several times and passed each test. The test I’m referring to is the moment when you have to act by faith and BOLDLY OBEY God.

Your faith does not grow when you attend a Bible study meeting or simply say you have faith or trust in your SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. Faith is like a muscle, it develops when it is exercised. The more you use your faith, the more it grows. And the more it grows, the more God is able to bless your life and the less chances there are of Satan prevailing against you.

The test of faith is cruel, without emotion and painful, but necessary for us to overcome the inner fears that compromise our faith.

Let me put it this way: despite his righteousness, Job’s faith was weak because it had never been TESTED and APPROVED. It was not an Abrahamic faith, so the devil would prevail anyway, sooner or later, and God would not be able to prevent him.

Keep this Divine thought within yourself: GOD TESTS, GOD ASKS! GOD APPROVES, GOD GIVES!!!

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