It seemed impossible to change

My suffering began in my early childhood. I never met my father, because besides us, he had another family and my mother kicked him out of the house. My family was destroyed, my mother began seeing another man and I grew up watching the beatings and abuse she suffered. This caused me to become depressed, I was terrified of being alone, of darkness, I even thought about taking my life when I was 9 years old by stabbing myself in the stomach or by asphyxiation. My life had no meaning.

At the age of 12 I started listening to all sorts of satanic music, such as Trash Metal, Nu Metal, Heavy Metal and Death Metal. When I was sad and depressed, this type of music seemed to lift me up and give me strength. But, the truth is that I became an aggressive youth, which caused my mother to suffer a lot because of my bad attitude, also, the music drove me to Satanism and the worship of death.

I started playing the drums, at first it was something I did alone, but then I met friends who invited me to form a metal band. I started partying, drinking and smoking marijuana, to the point of losing my senses from getting so high, wandering around the streets alone at night and hearing voices telling me to kill myself.

But one day, one of my mother’s coworkers invited me to attend a meeting at the Universal Church and I decided to go. The Youth Group accepted and welcomed me without judging me by my appearance, but supported me during the process of turning away from that lifestyle.

Miguel_depois1Until one day I realized the change I wanted to happen to my exterior would not happen if I did not change my interior. So I threw away the clothes, drawings, CDs and broke free from the addictions, depression. I had an encounter with God and the void I had inside came to an end. Now I’m a happy person, and no longer need drugs or heavy music to feel good.

I was raised as an assistant and now I use my talent of playing the drums for the Youth Group band in Mexico, which I consider a dream come true. Today I have goals in life, my mother also surrendered her life to Jesus and the most important thing is that I am sure of my Salvation.

Miguel Angel

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