It seemed impossible for me…

I used to be Goth; this was the lifestyle I chose. I would go to cemeteries and stay there until morning because that’s where I would rather be. I was also the lead singer in a rock band. I drank a lot and had various addictions. I enjoyed the sight of blood, especially on me, so I would cut myself to see my own blood. I got great pleasure from this kind of thing. I attended several satanic rituals, where we felt the presence of spirits. But when I was alone, I felt sad and empty.

I heard voices and saw shadows. There was always a voice telling me to kill my family, friends and people closest to me. I was completely unhappy.

I would speak to spirits at intersections, and I went as far as getting a tattoo with the Egyptian symbol “ankh”, which I believed to be the key that linked the worlds of good and evil. While performing in rock shows, I drank blood mixed with hard liquor.

I was really troubled, so much so, that it even showed in the way I dressed.

Until one day, an assistant invited me to attend a meeting on Tuesday at the UCKG. I was very well received there; I didn’t feel judged at all. I began participating in the prayers and meetings and was delivered from all evil. It was not easy, but I overcame all those demons I served. And once I received the Holy Spirit I was completely transformed, inside and out. I was delivered from the addictions, the desire to kill people, the desire to see blood and visit cemeteries, grief, emptiness; this is, all the evil that tormented me. Today, I can say that I am truly happy.

Rodrigo da Silva


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