It seemed impossible for me to change …

The suffering in my life began in my childhood. From the age of 10 I suffered with insomnia and the delusion that someone was constantly following me; I was bipolar. Besides all this, I also started stealing around this age – first, from my own home, then from others. It became an addiction. There was a time when I stole a large amount of money. I was an aggressive person. At the tender age of 10 I already felt attracted to older men.

At the age of 12, I started smoking, drinking and prostituting myself. I also persuaded my friends to do the same. I got involved with witchcraft, wanted to put an end to my family and had altars and shrines dedicated to death. My aggression towards others increased every day. I would physically abuse my brothers and myself, causing injuries to my body. I tried to commit suicide on three different occasions. I performed rituals and blood pacts to see my parents suffer.

I also had spiritual problems: I heard voices and felt a dead person climb on top of me. I wanted to kill myself, but I wanted to die in a cruel way. In an attempt to achieve this, I would cross the street without looking or try some other way. I left my house for several months and rebelled against everything and everyone. At school, I had fights, attacked girls and tried to create panic in others. I thought that respect was gained through fear.

This was when my mother brought me to the Universal Church. I went in planning to kill the pastor and the assistants. Someone invited me to participate in the Youth Group and I went, but with the intention of breaking up the group. However I just couldn’t do it. The more I attacked them, the more they helped me and showed me that my life could be different. Until one day I decided to surrender my life to the Lord Jesus. I was completely delivered and my thoughts changed. Those who knew me before now don’t even recognize me.

I love my family and now I’m a happy young woman. I no longer suffer with spiritual problems, and during the Israel Challenge, God answered my request: I was sealed by the Holy Spirit.

Janeth – Mexico

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