Inexplicable peace

Bishop, as I read this testimony, I remembered when I first came to the Universal Church in Guarulhos, 11 years ago.

I was just like her, criticized the UCKG and, as a Catholic, didn’t even want to hear anyone mention Bishop Macedo’s name. I was very sick, had depression and a panic disorder, an inflamed herniated disc and sciatic nerve. I took prescription drugs for the depression, but nothing helped. My husband invited me to go to Church, but I did not want to; he continued to insist and we went. When I got there, I don’t know why but the pastor began to criticize the Catholic Church. The pastor made me so angry that I didn’t want to ever go back. However, my illnesses also got worse.

A month later my husband began to insist on taking me to the Church again. He was used by the Holy Spirit, because though he wasn’t a member of any denomination, he said, “This is the last time I’m asking you to go to the Universal Church. If the same thing happens again, then we won’t ever go back.” So I said, “Okay, I’ll go for you.”

And we went to the Headquarters, because the Cathedral didn’t exist at the time. When I arrived, the pastor asked those who were sick to come forward. He said everything I had. I said, “Who told this pastor my problems?” Everything he mentioned was exactly what I was going through.

So I challenged God: if He truly existed I wanted to be healed, otherwise, if nothing happened, I would no longer believe He existed. But if He healed me, I would be faithful to Him all the days of my life.

What I felt was very beautiful, an inexplicable Peace. The panic I felt disappeared at that very moment; it was as if I was levitating. I began to glorify the Name of the Lord Jesus, the One who until now has and does wonders in my life and my family. My husband is also with me in the Faith, we’re just missing my son and my daughter, but I’m sure they will soon be serving the Lord Jesus.

There was a song by Jota Neto that marked my second visit to the Universal Church. The lyrics were what I was experiencing in my life. But, thank God, He saved me.

Ana Maria Cavalcanti Dantas

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