Just like it is impossible to make an omelet without breaking eggs, it is also impossible to:

Reach the Promised Land without passing through the desert;

Take possession of New Canaan without crossing the Jordan River;

Conquer the world without being born of the Holy Spirit, I John 5.4;

Be clothed in white garments and not have your name erased from the Book of Life without being perseverant and staying away from sin until the end, Revelation 3.5;

Take possession of the Kingdom of Heaven without going against the will of the flesh;

Follow Jesus without denying yourself, taking up the cross and following Him every day, Luke 9.23;

Belong to the Lord Jesus without His Holy Spirit, Romans 8.9;

Have the mind-set of the flesh and live or have the mind-set of the Spirit and die, Romans 8.6;

Remain on the fence and obtain the Promises of God;

Disobey the Word of God and be blessed;

Reach the Valley of Blessing without crossing the Valley of Decision, 2 Chronicles 20;

This is, it is impossible to serve two masters and be the blessing itself, Genesis 12.2!

So, what is your situation before the Most High?

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