Immense gratitude

Good morning, Bishop!

As a child, I dreamed of being a soccer player. I grew up determined to achieve this dream. Then, at the age of 22, tired of so many disappointments, I was about to give up. This was when I came to the Universal Church, where I learned to use my faith, and, only through it and the power of God, was able to sign my first contract in Israel, obtain many titles, play in the Champions League, UEFA, nominated for the national team and be considered the best player in Israel more than once.

In the Universal Church, I learned how to be faithful, sacrifice to God and fight to win. Today, with immense gratitude, I can say that I’m at a place I never thought possible. God has done more in my life than I could ever have imagined. After 14 years, I have established a solid career, with numerous achievements.

Today, my mission in the field comes to and end and I say farewell, leaving behind a good example and report.

Now, my goal is to reach out to those who are suffering and disheartened, just like I was.

I recorded a video announcing my retirement at the Temple of Solomon, so that Jews, Arabs and everyone who knows me in Israel will know that in Sao Paulo – Brazil, there is a small piece of Israel, a place of peace that emanates the faith of Abraham and revives our soul.

Thank you for all these years of dedication, surrender and, above all, never giving up. I am a result of your sacrifices.

Gustavo Boccoli

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