I was helpless

Before coming to the UCKG, I was a lost case. I had a lot of suffering inside. After my dad passed away, there was a hole that was left in me and that affected my marriage and my children. I was no longer happy.

One major event that totally left me helpless was when my husband got incarcerated. He was heading up north and was pulled over. They put him behind bars and didn’t want to let him come home. His sentence was a minimum of three years.

A friend invited me to come to the Help Centre but I said I’d find time. I was busy talking with the lawyers, taking care of my kids, and going to work. We prepared a bail so my husband can come home. I trusted the lawyers but they failed me. I fell on my knees and realized that I couldn’t solve the problem on my own. That’s when I called my friend and told her I’m coming to the church.

 At the Help Centre, I learned a lot.

I applied everything that was taught to me. I did my chain of prayer for 7 Fridays and 7 Sundays. I obeyed every single thing the pastor told me and did Campaigns of Faith as well. Then there came an opportunity to bring my husband home. When I was in the courtroom, I had the confidence that my husband would be freed. I trusted in God this time, not in men. God answered me and now my husband is back with us.



Amie Laforet

London, ON

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