I want the Holy Spirit

Good afternoon, Bishop!
I would like to share an experience I had last Sunday. I was counseling this young woman and something caught my attention. She is 19 years old. Her name is Alexandra. When she came to the Altar, I asked her how could I help, and her answer was:


Because I had never seen her in the UCKG before, I asked if she was there for the first time. She explained that she had come twice before, but it had been a long time ago. I was very intrigued, because it would be normal to hear this coming from a firm member of the Church, but to hear it from a person that was here for the third time…

During our conversation, she said, “Now I understand why I suffer so much, I don’t have the most important thing,” and explained: “I’m only 19, but my family and I are all living with the HIV virus. My father died, my mother can no longer walk, my brother and I were also infected, and the guy I live with (boyfriend), is also HIV positive. And now I know that if I had continued coming to the UCKG, my life would not be the same.”

I prayed for her with so much indignation! She didn’t feel well during the prayer, but I determined her deliverance and I called my wife over so we could all accept this new challenge together: “As of now, my wife and I will take care of you!”

She came in the afternoon to participate in the Youth Group and, at 6pm for the Study of Revelations.

Bishop, this is what I have asked God for, people that are thirsty, regardless of the state they find themselves in.

He gave me authority. If someone’s life is all messed up, I will fix it, but I want people that are thirsty, and those who are not thirsty, I will install this in them with the direction of the Holy Spirit.


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