I realized MY dream

“I realized MY dream…”

This is something most people would like to say, yet few have achieved this “happiness”.
It seems like a really “cool” statement, and I would even agree, if it did not include “I” or “MY”.

These two words are called pronouns in grammar:

I – “personal” pronoun.
MY – “possessive” pronoun.

Therefore, this is a “personal and possessive” statement. This brings no glory to God.

For those who are of the faith, living to glorify God and willing to do so for all of eternity, what John the Baptist said will forever be the motto of their lives:

“HE must increase, but ‘I’ must decrease. John 3.30

The ideal phrase for those who are of the faith is: “GOD realized HIS dream in my life.”

In the Bible, we learn that God has a plan (or dream) for each person, and He always fulfills this dream. In addition to the testimony of Joseph, we learned that Abraham and Sarah dreamed of having many children together, but God’s dream was that they had one son who, along with Abraham, was an essential part of an incredible pact between God and His people.
Moses’ dream while growing up in Pharaoh’s palace, was to be someone important, and even become a Pharaoh, if that was what “destiny” had in store for him. However, God dreamed of sending him to the desert for forty years to use him to deliver His people from slavery in Egypt.

Ana dreamed of having children to end her personal shame, but God’s dream was for her to have a son, Samuel, who would be greatly used by God to bless the nation of Israel.

The people of Israel dreamed of a Messiah who would come in power to destroy all the enemies of Israel. However, God dreamed of a Messiah who would come in humbleness and that, by being crucified, allowed all who believe in Him to achieve the Salvation of their souls.

God’s dreams are “infinitely” bigger, better and more productive than ours, and they do NOT fail!

It’s the complete package: dream, means and willingness to realize it!

The bridge that links us to the realization of God’s dream in our lives is sacrifice.

As proof, many were the sacrifices made by Bishop Macedo and all those who said “yes” to God’s dream, which is the Temple of Solomon. And today, in this dream, Bishop Macedo announces the Word of God, and those who sacrificed can attend the meetings that take place in it.

On May 15, at the Altar of the nearest Universal Church, say, “yes” to the dreams of God.

Through your testimony, God will be glorified when you say, “God fulfilled HIS dream in my life!”

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