I found true happiness

Bishop, its as if you are our father.

One day, I would like to receive a hug from you and Mrs. Esther, because I never had the privilege of having parents like you, but God knows all things and, if that was not possible, at least I’ve had the privilege to meet you and attend the Universal University.

I praise God for your life and Mrs. Esther’s life.

Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God so the Holy Spirit can speak through you and lives may be transformed.

Everything you said in this message, I have experienced. Thank God, I listened to the voice of God and it’s been two years since I decided to stop working and dedicate myself to my husband and our home. What a glorious experience!

Many judged me, even people from Church. I was also surprised when a pastor recently preached that women should not depend on their husbands and should work outside the home. Well, I follow the Word of God and believe, like you, that we cannot trade the values ​​of God our Father, for the rotten values ​​of this world.

Unfortunately, the devil has deceived many with his sneaky ways. I believe that when we bind our hearts with the Word of God and meditate on it, as you have taught us, then God honors us splendidly.

I love you and Mrs. Esther.

May God bless you even more!


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