Humbleness precedes honor

Hello Bishop Renato, how are you?
I would like to say this personally to you, but I know you’re a very busy person, so I decided to write.
This week I am completing the IntelliMen challenge #49 and, since I began this project, these challenges haven’t been particularly easy for me. We often think that just because we’ve been in Church for a long time and have a certain amount of “experience”, all this is nonsense. However, I came to the conclusion that it is very important for all of us, especially those who’ve been around longer.
Well, the reason I’m writing to you is that you were the first person that came to mind to ask for forgiveness when I was meditating on what to do for this challenge, and it was something I should have done before, but I didn’t have the courage and humility to do it. I acknowledge and recognize all the mistakes I committed in the Work of God, and I am willing to change and better myself as a man of God each day. This is why I embraced this project as something that was necessary for me to do.
Bishop, forgive me for everything I’ve done and the disappointments I caused because of my wrong decisions I made in the Work of God. Like you said in this challenge, as men, we are very proud and do not like to recognize our mistakes. This is true, but I prayed to God for direction, and God spoke to me. He said I should apologize to you and Cris. I believe this is my second bull, which I have to sacrifice in this Israel Challenge: my pride.
After God and the project, Marcia also helped me a lot in this decision because of the teachings she has received through Godllywood.
She never allowed me to revolt against the Work, or blame others for my problems. I can assure you that I have kept my good eyes toward the Work of God and I have worked more than ever not to disappoint the God who called me. So I will honor Him every day.
I ask that you help me in prayer, and if you have any message or reprimand, I’m willing to receive it. We are in the faith and, thank God, we are happy with the opportunity to serve our God!!!
Forgive me for the boldness of writing to you, but I’m just obeying what God told me to do.
Kind regards!
Thank you very much for your attention!
God bless you!!!
Bishop Oliveira
Lesson of the Holy Spirit:
Why is it impossible to please God if faith is without works?
Because Faith with works makes us depend on God Almighty.
When we live in dependence of Him, we return to our original state before sin: humbleness.
Adam and Eve were dependent upon Him.
That’s the kind of humility that allows us to achieve and remain in the Kingdom of Heaven. And the first major lesson taught by the Lord:
Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5.3) becomes much clearer.

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