How can I have malice in my heart

Good morning, Bishop!

I am an assistant of the House of God and a member of the Universal Church for almost three decades. When I heard the Word of the Holy Spirit through you, during our assistant classes, I began thinking, “How can I have malice in my heart, when it is full of gratitude?”

First, I am very grateful to God and then to you, because almost thirty years ago, a broken family walked in through the doors of the Universal Church. I was asthmatic, depressed and anxious because for fourteen years I dealt with this disease, and was always being rushed to the hospital. My alcoholic father, who was completely dependent on the addiction, brought arguments and misunderstandings to our family. Our house was a little piece of hell.

Today we have peace, we are healed and delivered from all evil, and our goal is that through our lives, our testimonies, other lives are reached for God. During all these years in Church and in the faith, we’ve been through many struggles and deserts; however, we remain firm until today, because we never lost our vision, we never took our eyes off of the Altar.

Many assistants, pastors and even bishops stopped looking to the Altar, and today they are no longer among us. For our family: me, my dear parents, sisters and brother-in-law (six assistants of the Lord’s harvest), it’s an honor, a privilege, to remain firm and with the purity of the first love in our hearts.

In regards to the messages from Satan’s messengers, those who were once among us and today sow words of doubt to get to those with a pure heart and good eyes, we prefer not to see, listen or know anything about them. This way, we preserve our faith, because there is no greater good than the Salvation of our souls, and this is the faith we’ve preserved for twenty-seven years, and will continue to persevere until the end.

We are like the warriors of the Maasai Tribe, who face and kill one lion a day, remaining firm, preserving what is most precious: Salvation.
Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. Revelation 2.10

Janiere Freitas – Jardim Brasilia – Brasilia/DF

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