His Children’s Inheritance

This is not about religion, church or evangelical doctrines.

Jesus left the Holy Spirit as an inheritance for those who truly believe in Him.

Only those who believe obey His Word.

Death forces the deceased to leave their heirs assets or debts, blessings or curses.

Jesus died, resurrected and ascended to the Eternal Throne in His Kingdom.

Therefore, not only did He leave His heirs the Blessing of blessings, His Spirit, but also the authority to ensure that His Inheritance reaches each one of them.

This is why He promised not to leave us orphans, without father and mother, poor wretches subject to the favors of others.

No! A thousand times no!

I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you! John 14.18

We know that He will return for His Church. But this promise began to be fulfilled fifty days after His resurrection, this is, on the day of Pentecost.

From that memorable Day on, the Holy Spirit personally took the helm of His Church here on earth.

His anointing is poured individually upon those who are obedient to His Son Jesus.

Those who are rebellious, proud, pretentious, disobedient and stubborn remain left out. These people have the right to see the Holy Spirit act upon the lives of others, however, they are left out…

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