He knows, but you don’t

God knows all things. He can see everything, even if it is invisible or very well hidden. On the other hand, we can only know about something that is in the same physical state we are. This is why you don’t need to prove your faith to God – He knows exactly how it is. But, you need to prove your faith to yourself – because you will never know how it is until you materialize it.

When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, He knew his servant would surrender the child, but it was necessary for Abraham to know this as well. It was necessary for him to understand his faith, only then would he understand that the blessings of God would be a reaction to his actions. Then, he would finally understand that whatever he wanted to happen in his life depended exclusively on him. Abraham only discovered his potential and what he could do after he materialized his faith.

We only understand the faith that exists within us when we express it through an action. We will only reap the fruits after we take action, only then will we realize that they are the result of what we did – God’s reaction to our action. Then we will understand that everything we want depends on us – and not God. We become aware of our part and the power that exists within us.

People who are idly waiting for God to do something for them are precisely those who do not materialize their faith. They choose to maintain their belief stored within themselves – and, like their faith, their dreams also remain within them, never being materialized. If God answered them for the simple fact of knowing the faith that is within them, they would never know that their lives depend on themselves, and would never do their part – if they already don’t do it with the answer from God, imagine if they were answered?
God works in a perfect and intelligent way. He wants us to know what He knows; this is why He invites us to materialize our faith. God can see our full potential, and doesn’t just want to talk to us about it: He wants us to also see it in a physical, concrete and indisputable form.

After proving your faith to yourself, it is impossible to waver under any circumstance. God knows how you are, but you don’t. For this reason, He invites you to find out. Now, the decision is yours: are you going to materialize it and reap the fruits or hide it and die waiting?

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